Terms agreement
  • The customer agrees to assume all liabilities for using the E-transaction platform and any order transmitted through the E-transaction platform.

    EVI disclaims any liability for any difference or result of or related to the customer’s use of the EA (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program of the MT platform. The customer shall strictly bear full liability for his use of the EA (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program and conducts of trading based thereupon. EVI takes the neutral stance with respect to the customer’s use of the EA (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program. Any and all accidental open or close of positions caused by the EA (Expert Advisors) automatic trading program, whether or not arising from system error, shall be deemed as excluded from the EVI’s scope of liabilities, and EVI disclaims any liability for such conduct or any result arising therefrom.

    Order execution and quick-action market policies

    EVI endeavors to decline the settlement risk of customers using STP (straight through processing) mode of transaction. Any and all order-placing operation through EVI includes but not limited to: Limit Order, Stop Loss Order, Trailing Stop and Statement of Account are all connected in the form of Market Orders with the upper bank of EVI before entering the foregoing STP system. The foregoing Upper Bank holds sufficient various monetary stocks and provides the market with circulation. EVI disclaims any liability for any difference or result arising from the Market Order as executed by the Upper Bank.

    The “Stop Loss Price” or the “Limited Price” as preset by the customer are both trigger prices. The market price, when reaching or exceeding the preset price, will trigger the STP action of entering the market directly by the Market Order. EVI disclaims any liability for any difference or result arising from the Market Order as executed by the upper bank.

    The Price Limit preset at a specific price by the customer through EVI may be subject to the market fluctuation and other such factors as including but not limited to: the economic events, news events, political events, raw material market events, and publication of the research reports and other factors, thereby resulting in a downward price deviation in the final transaction below the preset price. Therefore, although the Limit Order can generally help the customer to control the latent loss, when the market develops towards an adverse direction, the customer is expected to pay attention that such Limit Order may fail to control the loss as expected. When the market is in a drastic fluctuation, Order Pending may not be executed. Therefore, all positions bear risks. Application of portfolio strategies of various positions, including “Spread” and “Straddle” positions may bear equal risks to the “Bull” or “Bear” positions. EVI disclaims any liability for any price difference or result arising from between the executed price of the Limit Order and the Customer’s preset price.

    Moreover, any transaction throught the online trading system bears risks, including: hardware fault, software failure and Internet access, etc. As weak signals, receiption, Internet paths, equipment configuration or reliability of the Internet connection and other such factors are beyond the control of EVI, we disclaim any liability for any communication failure, transmission failure or transmission delay occurring during online trading and EVI hereby declares and disclaims liability for any loss of the customer as a result of such network failure as including but not limited to failure in Internet access or logging into the trading platform or conducting other operation. However, EVI will use the backup system and take the emergency response program to minimize the possibility of the system fault. Financial regulation. As a financial service provider, we receive the supervision and regulation of the Financial Service Providers of New Zealand in observance of the Financial Services Act of New Zealand and all requirements in conformity to protection and security of the customer’s independent funds. Since its establishment, EVIFX has harvested the accolade from the mass investors by its powerful teEVIology developing ability and sound market reputation and extended its businesses across Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Risk warning: The website information is the information for general products and does not take into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Foreign exchange margin and CFD transactions involve high risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Your trading loss is likely to exceed your original investment funds. You do not possess the ownership of any base product. The contents of this website shall not constitute any investment advice. Please inquire for independent professional advice before deciding whether to open an account for foreign exchange transaction. EVI does not accept account opening application submitted by any user from such countries as the USA and Japan. EVI is committed to build a corporate culture of high business ethics, strong professionalism, and high level of trust. We have already established a fair, honest and complete reputation and it is the most valuable asset of our Company. Our good reputation is based on our high moral standards and strong professional staff. Please contact us for more information.

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